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Rear Extension in Sutton

Professionalism : This is the surveyor we chose to use as all reviews were convincing and postive. The quote couldn’t be better. His professionalism and knowledge is second to none. The speed of the work was amazing and instant response everytime.

Party Wall, Sutton, Greater London, O-S Samson - October 2020 via Local Surveyors Direct

Thank you for your kind review. We were happy to help you with the party wall aspects of your rear extension. Whenever you excavate foundations within 3 meters of your neighbour's house and deeper than their foundations you will need to serve a Section 6 Party Wall Notice. On this project we acted as the Building Owner's Surveyor while the Adjoining Owner appointed their own surveyor. We then cooperated together on taking a Schedule of Condition and serving a Party Wall Award on each party.

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