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For most straightforward domestic projects such as loft conversions and house extensions we are able to offer low, fixed fees. Please see the table below.

However, we will always send through a written Fee Quotation which takes into account the nature of your project.

  • Serve Notice only

  • Schedule of Condition only​ (per property)

  • Act as Party Wall Surveyor 

  • Act as Agreed Surveyor

We do not charge VAT








For works that come under the Party Wall Act you MUST serve notice on your neighbours. We can do this for you, normally for the fixed fee shown opposite.

Try to talk to your neighbours before this and get them on your side. If they agree (in writing) the work can begin. We strongly recommend that a Schedule of Condition is taken of their property just in case damage occurs to their property during the work. This can also protect you in that existing defects cannot be blamed on the work.

If your neigbour(s) do not agree (consent) they have a limited time to appoint their own Party Wall Surveyor or they can appoint us to be the Agreed Surveyor. An Award will then be drawn up and the work can begin. 

​Remember, although our Surveyors fees are generally paid by the owner having the work done, it is a Statutory Appointment which means we are not employed and do not have any contract with the Owner.


We are there to resolve disputes and ensure that the work goes ahead. 

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