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Rear Extension Considerations

Do you need to serve party wall notices to erect a rear extension?

It depends on two factors, first of all, will your new extension be built up to the boundary line, otherwise known as the line of junction? If it will then a section, one line of junction notice will need to be served. However, if the extension will be even just a few centimetres away from the Boundry, then you can build the extension without serving a party will notice. This however, depends on the second factor.

Will you be excavating deeper than your neighbours foundations? If your neighbours house or structure was constructed after 1976, the chances are they will be deep and you will not be going any deeper than their foundation. This is because building regulations changed after the great drought of 1976. Before that time foundations tended to be much shallower. Thus, to comply with modern building regulations, you will be required to dig deeper. Of course, this should be clarified with your structural designer and your building inspector.

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