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Who can serve a Party Wall Notice?

Three loft conversions in a terrace
Loft conversions in South London

Anyone can serve a Party Wall Notice, many building owners do it themselves.

As a Notice is a legal document it needs to be carefully drafted.

A notice must state three things to be valid:

The name and address of the Building Owner

The nature and particulars of the work.

The date on which the proposed work will begin.

It is helpful if the notice includes the clauses from the Party Wall Act but not including them does not invalidate a notice.

A Section 6 notice for excavation must also include plans and sections to be valid.

While the Building Owner(s) must be named correctly this is not the case for Adjoining Owners. However, a search on the Land Registry website can normally find the names fairly easily. In the case of Limited Companies as Owners, the names of the directors can be found at Companies House.

A Party Wall Surveyor can also serve notices on your behalf if desired. Many Building Owners find this easier as an invalid notice can cost time and money and hold up the project while paperwork is regularised.

Bluegrass Surveying can serve notices for you, we charge £25 per Adjoining Owner. Why not give us a call today?

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