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Party Wall Surveys in Ipswich

If you live in Ipswich and are planning a loft conversion or rear extension you may need to serve a party wall notice. This is a legal document that notifies your neighbours of the work you plan to do that may affect their property.

If you are planning a loft conversion this will involve inserting steel beams into the party wall and may also involve raising the party wall as part of the dormer cheek.

If it is a rear extension and you are excavating within 3 m of your neighbours building and going deeper than the bottom of the foundations (typical in properties built before the mid 1970s) then you will need to serve a section 6 party wall notice. If the new wall of the extension will be built right up to the boundary then you may need to serve a section one notice as well. If the guttering will be at the border then your ball will automatically be several inches back from the border in which case you will not need to serve a notice. However, if the wall will be a parapet wall with an internal gutter this will require a party wall notice.

You also need to serve party wall notice if you are removing chimney breasts or inserting any other steels or concrete lintels into the party wall.

After you have served your party will notice what next? Look for our blog next week to find out.

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