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Party Wall Notices

In last week's blog post we looked at what work the Party Wall Act covers.

This week we look at the next step.

If you intend to carry out any of the work mentioned last week, you must give written notice to your neighbours at least one month for ‘line of junction’ or excavation works or two months before starting any other party wall works.

If there is more than one owner of the neighbouring property, or more than one adjoining property, you must notify all of them,

thus if a tenant or leaseholder occupies the building next door you will need to tell the landlord as well as the occupier.

If you are doing structural work to a party wall, or works affecting a ceiling or floor, you will have to give written notice to any adjoining owners and occupiers living above or below your property.

If possible, talk to your neighbours about the work you want to do before you give them written notice. If you can sort out any potential problems in advance, they may well give you written agreement.

We can help you serve any notices, prepare schedules of condition (the current condition of the neighbours' property that could be affected) and prepare awards where needed. ​

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