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Loft Conversons in Ipswich

Are you planning a loft conversion in Ipswich?

If your house is semi-detached or terraced you may need to serve a party wall notice. This will be the case if you need to insert steel beams and padstones or bearing plates into the party wall. It will also apply if you intend to raise the party wall as part of the dormer cheek. Temporarily opening the party wall, two outside, weather is also notifiable under the party wall act.

The good news is this is not difficult. You can serve the party or notices yourself or you can ask a professional to do it for you for a small fee. If your neighbour consents that is the end of the matter. Sometimes they request that you pay for a schedule of condition to be recorded before work begins. That way, if there is any alleged damage can easily be resolved by comparing the schedule and its photographs with the present condition of your neighbours property.

If your neighbour dissents, the Party Wall Act requires that you both appoint party wall surveyors to resolve the issue. This can be the same surveyor known as an Agreed surveyor. He/she is a neutral party although their fees are paid by the building owner having the work done.

Alternatively, your neighbour may decide to appoint their own surveyor In addition to your surveyor. Again, the building owner having the work done, would be responsible for the reasonable fees of both surveyors. When two surveyors are appointed, the Act requires them to select a third surveyor who can arbitrate should it become necessary. The third surveyor is rarely called upon and in most cases does not know he's been selected unless there is a dispute that he's asked to resolve.

Following a dissent, the agreed surveyor or the two surveyors will visit the adjoining owners property to take a schedule of condition. They will then produce a party wall award (sometimes known as a party wall agreement) and serve it on both owners. Once it has been served, the building owner may proceed with his project, ensuring he and his contractors abide by the contents of the award.

If you would like more advice or a quote to serve party or notices or act as your party wall surveyor, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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