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Is a party wall notice required for a loft conversion?

The builders did well with this development of two new houses in a Victorian terrace in Croydon, Surrey. They have added some interest with the crested ridge tiles and some very smart step flashing providing weatherproofing between the tiled roof and parapet wall. This property could easily be extended with a loft conversion, possibly with a dormer in the rear and Velux windows in the front. Many such projects do not even require planning permission at present. A party wall notice would need to be served to the adjoining neighbours as steel beams would likely be needed to be inserted into the party walls. If the adjoining owner consents the work can go ahead. If they dissent the building owner would need to appoint a party wall surveyor to act on their behalf. A party wall award would then be drawn up, served and the work could begin. This is all very common and a good party wall surveyor should get everything sorted out within a few weeks. We would be happy to help!

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