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Do I need a Party Wall Agreement?

If you are the building owner planning building works such as an extension or loft conversion you may need to serve party wall notices on your neighbours.

What is covered by the Party Wall Act?

  • cutting into a wall to take the bearing of a beam, for example for a loft conversion

  • inserting a damp proof course, even if only to your own side of a party wall

  • raising a party wall and, if necessary, cutting off any objects preventing this from happening

  • demolishing and rebuilding a party wall

  • underpinning a party wall or part of a party wall

  • weathering the junction of adjoining walls or buildings by cutting a flashing into an adjoining building

  • excavating foundations within three metres of a neighbour’s structure and lower than its foundations

  • excavating foundations within six metres of a neighbour’s structure and below a line drawn down at 45° from the bottom of its foundations.

  • building a new wall on the line of junction (boundary) between two properties.

What do you need to do? Read next week's post to find out more

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